What are YOU going to do when everything collapses?

In Uncategorized on December 20, 2008 at 3:58 am


If you are reading this, you have some basic understanding of what is really happening in the economy, the military industrial complex, and the corrupt international banking cartel, otherwise known as the Federal Reserve System. Hopefully, you are fairly well read (still have a pile of reading to do), have done your homework (youtube) and otherwise. You have turned off the main stream media, have listened to the message of the few respectable, honest voices in our legislature, like Ron Paul, and are listening to the words and heading the advice of notable people like Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Gerald Celente, etc…The dollar is doomed to fail and the inevitable collapse will come, regardless of what the socialists and communists that have co-opted our government attempt to do. The simple analogy is that, it is like trying to prop up the Guinness World Record house of cards, in a steadily increasing wind. Good luck! You can only manipulate the markets and stave off the inevitable for so long. We will continue to see record foreclosures, loan and credit card defaults, job losses, store closings, more homeless in tent cities, civil unrest, and eventually more government intervention, regulation, and fascist restrictions on all aspects of life, in the name of saving the worldwide economy, and for our security.

If you still need help, the November or number 10 issue of “Republic” magazine has a great check list of the first 100 items to disappear in a calamity. Go to and get with the program!

As always, I remain, for your children and mine, in pursuit of liberty,


p.s. – Special thanks to the editor of Republic magazine, fellow patriot Gary Franchi.


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