Dr. Ron Paul on The Gaza-Israel Conflict

In News Stories on January 5, 2009 at 1:45 pm

The following video was given to us by our friends at the Campaign for Liberty, C4L for short. (Which you should join IMMEDIATELY if you care at all about the principles on which this great nation was founded!) It is Dr. Ron Paul’s candid analysis of the Palestine /Israeli conflict taking place right now in Gaza. Before you watch this video, consider a few things. First, if you are on this blog than you are probably of the belief that the U.S. news media is not a credible source of information. Second, you have had enough of the lies from our government. The media is, and has been for decades, a propaganda tool of the corporate and financial elite. And yes, even your beloved Fox News. Where you can hear morning news anchor Steve Doucy say “I’m pro” in relation to New World Order. Many patriotic minded Americans have wrapped themselves around a cause, or causes and made that their primary focus. Their issue is at the forefront when they are on their soapbox privately and, or, publicly. They take it into the voting booth with them. They shout it from the bumper sticker or ribbon magnet on their car. They seek justice, for the troops, the environment, the unborn. I too have a cause, or issue. I am a single issue voter. I admit it. My issue is Liberty. I believe it is the very message that Dr. Ron Paul has been sharing for 30 years. Quite simply, if you look at the facts, it covers all of the other issues in one fell swoop. Those of us that have made liberty our cause have your back.

I have an opinion on Palestine and Israel. You see, I have been dong my own independent research on the creation of the state of Israel. I suggest you do the same, not buying the MSM propaganda or listening to the federal government. A great place to begin the journey is to google: “Arthur James Balfour” and “Balfour Declaration of 1917”. Also, know that Israel came into existence through British doctrine, fulfilling an “obligation” to Rothschild, and ultimately U.N. intervention. Wherever there was/is British foreign policy and U.N. intervention, there is evil. You MUST read The Fearful Master, by G. Edward Griffin to fully understand the history and purpose of the U.N….Here’s Ronny!


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