Change We Can Believe in?

In Uncategorized on January 17, 2009 at 8:40 pm

Remember all those campaign promises, the “change” you were promised? No more Washington insiders, lower taxes, changejobs…? Are you still paying attention? Have you taken note of all the cabinet appointees? Do you even care? The promises made, are now the promises to be broken. Prez-elect is warning that we will all have to sacrifice, have “some skin in the game”. News flash, we already have skin in the game. We are at the mercy of a parasitic bureaucracy, that taxes us unmercifully. Who benefits? The recipients of the entitlements, who are bound to the slavers that feed them? Or those of us whose wealth has been appropriated and redistributed? How about those that pay no taxes, what will be their sacrifice? The fact of the matter is that Trillions taken in income taxes do nothing more than attempt to service the interest on the debt incurred, by our misguided government. By allowing the criminal, privately held Federal Reserve to create our “debt” money out of thin air we have incurred trillions in debt to foreign countries, Communist China, Saudi Arabia, Japan, etc… Is that okay with you? Wake the hell up! We deserve sound money, backed only by silver and gold as stipulated by the Constitution. At this stage of the insanity, we might even settle for another fiat currency issued by the treasury (without the aid of the private bankers)…Not really, that’s just the ramblings of a desperate patriot. So much, is so wrong. Let’s hope that this recycled new administration will limit the number of appointees and department heads with dual citizenship or ties to globalist organizations. Maybe that way our interests will be better served. You know, avoiding a conflict of interest where someone may have allegience to another country or the agenda of some NGO bound and determined to acheive global governance. Do I detect an air of sarcasm coming through? No, not this close to the inauguration. Blind faith, unquestioned confidence, and obama23forgiveness, that is what we will use to guide ourselves as the spectacle approaches. We can forgive Timothy Geithner for his tax evasion, after all, what does strict attention to detail have to do with heading up the Treasury and the IRS? That is for the little people. After all, you should see their credentials…Put on your sweater Mr. Rogers, and brace yourself folks, the winds of change are blowing…

  1. I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.

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