Senator Arlen Specter Chose to ” …exercise independent judgement.”

In Uncategorized on February 10, 2009 at 12:30 am

Arlen Specter, you are fired! Oh, how I wish it were that easy.  Comrade Specter was on Sean Hannity’s radio program today. Mind you I only caught the last 15 seconds of the segment, but I heard all I had to hear. Of course Specter is one of three (progressive socialist) Republicans, that are committed to voting for the “Stimulus” plan. Anyone who has spent 3 minutes reviewing this bill understands that it is the single bigest power grab and spending bill ever foisted on the American public. Enough is enough folks.  While on Sean Hannity’s program Specter professed, confessed, bragged that he had to “exercise independent judgment.” WHOA!! Did he lose his rule book? He is supposed to vote according to the wishes of his constituents. Time to send him packing my fellow Pennsylvanians. He followed the Hannity show with a call into the local Philadelphia radio program. He offered more of the same socialist rhetoric, with multiple references to his Washington Post diatribe “Why I Support the Stimulus” We must act now blah, blah, blah… Excuse me Chicken Little, we know the economy is collapsing. You can not prop it up with inflation, socialized health care, and  spending $800 billion + worthless Federal Reserve notes (private banking criminal cartel). Lord save us!

On the “October Surprise” (theft) bailout he voted “YES” even though Pennsylvanians told him 9 to 1 to vote “NO”. This latest “Stimulus” is no different. His fax machine, email and phone lines were melting last week, this weekend, and today. It was again a resounding “NO” … Once again, he will defy us. We are officially unrepresented. This IS taxation without representation. Where do we go from here?  If we can’t un-elect him for two years, maybe we can just get Chuck Barris to bang the gong. Gong show here we come!



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