“Liberty Rider” Michael Maresco Coming to a Town Near You! What Can you Do?

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Most of us are now aware that our good friend, and fellow patriot, Michael Maresco is preparing for another historic trek, of the two-wheeled variety, across this great nation of ours. On his “Ride for Honesty”, as he pedals his way across the country, he will be delivering the message of liberty in no less than 94 counties. As he crosses through each of the 94 counties, Michael will be reaching out to the Sheriff and other elected officials, gifting them with invaluable information, books, DVDs, an IPOD for the Queen, etc…And reminding everyone that the Sheriff is the highest elected Constitutional authority in the county, and the state respectively. Remember, “We the People” are the ultimate Constitutional authority.

The Liberty Rider will be highlighting America’s dangerous slide into the realm of bigger, more controlling government, and a steady departure from the rugged individualism and personal accountability that made this nation great. This symbolic ride starting at the Statue of Liberty, and ending at Alcatraz, off the coast of San Francisco, echoes our voices as we warn our fellow citizens of the ominous reality of our drift from “Freedom to Fascism”.

Michael is getting his pedaling legs ready. As he makes his final preparations, he needs our help. He equates the “organic” spread , and organization of support along the way, as being akin to “herding cats”. The question posed in the title of this blog is “What can you do?” We have been reaching out to the local Sheriffs, tuning our bikes and bodies so we can ride a few miles with him, making signs and banners, planning a Memorial Day cookout with Michael as our guest of honor. And we have been donating what we can. Yes, monetary donations will make this possible. (We wouldn’t want him to get stuck in Missouri. They love him so much there, they might not let him go!), but there is sooooo much more that we can do to make his journey a memorable and worthy endeavor. Every contribution of time and energy helps. Here are some ideas that you can consider:

  • First, review the map and be ready when he passes through your neck of the woods.
  • Cheer him on as he passes by, Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty signs and banners along the route will inspire him.
  • Organize a group ride through your county or state.
  • Personally, join Michael, pedaling with him for a few minutes, or a few miles as he pedals through (eat your Wheaties it is 10 MPH pace).
  • Reach out to the Sheriff in your county as a supporter of this endeavor, and pave the way for a meeting, photo-op, interview, etc.
  • Send out press releases to the local and national media
  • If you are near one of the “overnight” locations, make his stay memorable. A good meal, a party, and good company always helps.
  • Blog it, film it, youtube it, sing about it, dance in the streets…

Remember his mantra “pedal, pedal” But remember most of all he is doing this for liberty, for us!!!!!

For liberty,


[Older: Dr. Paul on Funding of Wars, Foreign Policy “The treasury is bare…the people are broke.”]
  1. I’m not sure how long he is planning to be biking, but his path through the west is pretty far south and can be brutal if he goes through there in the summer. I have done alot of bike touring, including a cross country trip, and I would not choose his path for the summer.

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