Honey!…I Chipped the Kids!

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“Honey…I Chipped the Kids”

A challenge, and a big hats off to my readers (in advance). If you make it through this article and all of the links, you will find yourself armed with a wealth of knowledge. That knowledge is just the very minuscule tip of the iceberg, representing the journey that you could take. If you are already on the same page, well, then you know that this is just one issue of hundreds, but the relevance is staggering. Good luck and hold on tight…

A school district in Rhode Island is embarking on a pilot program to embed RFID into the backpacks of 80 school children. What?!….The majority of Americans are unaware of political pressure for the use of RFID technology. Better yet, let me rephrase that, I venture to say that the majority of Americans do not know what RFID is, the many ways it is being implemented today, and the proposed and intended uses in the future.

Radio Frequency IDentification or RFID as it is known in the industry, the legislature, and those familiar, is to many a technological renaissance. To those who oppose it, it is an Orwellian nightmare come true. At the forefront in the battle against the implementation of RFID are countless activist groups. People around the world, from farmers, to parents, to prisoners, to freedom loving Americans who hold dear their rights granted by their creator as protected by the Bill of Rights, and to the ACLU, are speaking out. They are challenging laws passed, and resolutions introduced requiring the implementation and implantation of such technology. There is legislation proposed, NAIS, that would require the chipping of EVERY domestic farm animal, all livestock, and the registration of every property that these animals call home. Pet owners are now chipping their pets (wouldn’t want to lose Fluffy). Passports and ID cards issued by the U.S. State Department contain RFID. To accompany their consumer tracking patent application of 2005, some American Express cards contain RFID. Or how about this excerpt from a Fox News article titled Microchips Everywhere Could Mean a Total Loss of Privacy, dated January 28, 2008:

In 2006, IBM received patent approval for an invention it called, “Identification and tracking of persons using RFID-tagged items.” One stated purpose: To collect information about people that could be “used to monitor the movement of the person through the store or other areas.”

The proponents say it provides safety, security, traceability, trackability, and accountability in an ever intensifying world. Opponents say it violates the rights of individuals, exposes us to tracking and tracing by Big Brother, the risk of cancer, and identity theft and cloning by those who wish to inexpensively “steal” RFID data. What it amounts to is another series of incursions on our civil, individual, and economic liberties, and a further surrender of sovereignty, for the illusion of security. Those who understand the true nature and inner workings of the monetary system, the controls and monopoly in place by the privately held Federal Reserve, the endless power being unconstitutionally delegated by the federal government and congress to this private entity, know the ultimate goal… The Fed wants you chipped. It has to start somewhere, EasyPass anyone?

I believe Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Here is the story from Rhode Island:

U.S. School District to Begin Microchipping Students

(NaturalNews) A Rhode Island school district has announced a pilot program to monitor student movements by means of radio frequency identification (RFID) chips implanted in their schoolbags.



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