Swine Flu? Mandatory Vaccinations? Big Hoax and Big Win for Big Pharma.

In News Stories on July 17, 2009 at 12:14 pm

There has been a lot of chatter for months now about the swine flu. Epidemic, pandemic, whatever you want to call it. Researches have shown this to be a man-made virus, with many of the same characteristics of the engineered virus deployed during WWI. As the pandemic spreads, so does the pandemonium, fueled by the evil WHO, the corrupt CFR owned U.S. government and the CFR owned mainstream media. Believe it, or not, whether actual (as in engineered and real), or  hoax (as in a lie, “here take this shot in the arm”) it is coming our way.

One of the most prolific generators of truthful and alternative viewpoint news reports is Russia Today. While I am sure that RT has its own agenda, more often than not, they provide  the other side of the story, much needed and much appreciated. Here is their latest piece on the swine flu and the prospect of compulsory or forced vaccinations in the U.S.


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