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Opting out is nice, but not rEVOLutionary…It’s time to up the ante

In News Stories, Political Activism on November 15, 2010 at 2:10 am

Opting out as an individual is an excellent way to take a stand against the inhumane, unconstitutional policies of the Transportation Security Administration. It serves a distinct purpose in drawing attention to the issue of the invasive and abusive actions and policies of  the TSA.

Public knowledge of the issue and grassroots support is growing at an alarming rate, and November 24th, national “Opt out day” is right around the corner. The grassroots efforts put forth on the 24th will certainly make for some interesting news and put the pressure on the powers that be. I hope the impact is enough to return sound, humane security measures to the daily operation of our airports, but I doubt it.

Personally, I believe it is time to up the ante. Nothing less than a full scale peaceful rEVOLution that includes a simultaneous nationwide boycott by customers, and a strike by pilots and flight attendants, is the only answer to the problem facing Americans who wish to travel freely and unencumbered by abusive, inhumane, Gestapo-esque TSA.  It goes like this:

Day 1 ~ Conduct a nationwide strike/boycott, demand the airlines stop using the Advanced Imaging Technology, aka AIT or porno-scanners, and demand a cease and desist on the enhanced pat down procedures, aka groin and breast massages, immediately.

Day 2 ~ If they have not capitulated, continue the nationwide strike/boycott.

Day 3 ~ If they still have not capitulated, continue the nationwide strike/boycott. Rinse and repeat until they cooperate.

Day ? ~ After the cease and desist is accomplished, demand removal of AIT from airport premises within 10 business days. If they fail to cooperate and provide time-line for removal, start nationwide strike/boycott again.

Day whatever ~ Demand a return to airport run, private security and removal of TSA from airport premises. repeat strike/boycott until desired ends are achieved.

Repeat process relative to every other known federal incursion into the lives, property, and business of private individuals. In the interim drive, take a bus or a train, if you must fly, look into private charters from smaller municipal airports, Rinse, repeat, rest.

UPDATE: Since I originally posted this opinion I stumbled upon this article on FORBES calling for the abolition of the TSA. Bring it on I say!

Join the rEVOlution:



End The Fed Rallies April 25th…Coming to a City Near You

In Political Activism on March 11, 2009 at 12:26 am

This April 25th, 2009 we will be waking up our fellow Americans by sharing the truth about the criminal cabal known as the Federal Reserve System. Join us at the city nearest you!

A reminder of the success of our last rally November 22, 2008. Here is a repost of my blog entry from that event:

End the Fed Rallies a Nationwide Success!!
Philadelphia was a big success!!! We had full cooperation of Philly’s finest, they blocked off a lane of traffic, and provided escort for our entire march route (approximately 1.5 miles). Once at the FED, they left us to our own devices for our lengthy protest at the FED building. We had an hour between the end of our protest and the indoor rally at the Independence Visitor Center. We used that time to fan out over a several block area and educate as many people as possible, speaking and handing out 1000+ fliers. What a better place to educate people on the dangers that confront our liberties than the birth place of our nation. As tourists would exit the Independence Mall visitor center they would be greeted at the door by one of our energetic Patriots for a real history lesson! Our line-up of speakers was excellent, and their speeches provocative. We are energized to move this revolution forward! To all my fellow organizers and participants, in Philly, and every other city, thank you and may God bless you all. Keep up the fight!

In pursuit of liberty for my children and yours,


Saturday, November 22, 2008
The Federal Reserve….
Saturday, November 22nd, marks the 45th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. It is also the day in 1910, that the Federal Reserve is said to have been conceived on Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia. On Saturday, there will be rallies to protest the unconstitutional, illegal Federal Reserve System. Find the city nearest you, join the movement, and bring this destroyer of our economy to its knees! Stay tuned to the main stream media for ZERO coverage of this nationwide event expected to draw tens of thousands of attendees. Learn more about the Federal Reserve at this youtube playlist:

Time to sleep. See you there!
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Welcome to the educational rEVOLution…and the youtube Boycott

In Political Activism, Uncategorized on December 20, 2008 at 3:08 am

I am a man on a mission, part of the educational rEVOLution. I have devoted my life to the cause of freedom. Everyday I try to wake upWake Up America! as many people as I can. Taking it to the web, the phone, the streets. I blog, I email, I chat, talk, vlog, drive my family crazy. I stop only when my body and brain will go no more. In the spirit of Thomas Paine, I am a pamphleteer.

Today I felt stifled, silenced, handcuffed so I branched out. In an effort to spread my reach across the cyberworld, I started this blog. I have been tormented with the frustration of (and temptation to violate) the youtube boycott. Several fellow users in the youtube community, as a result of too much censorship, put the call out for this boycott. Out of respect, and solidarity with my cyber-patriot friends, I have participated in this protest. For the frequent youtube user and publisher of videos, the new changes in youtube policy (algorithmic censorship) are unacceptable. These policy changes coupled with what appears to be blatant view count and comment manipulation/censorship has gone too far, the proverbial straw that broke the vlogger’s back.

Sooooo, here I am, wordpress. Not so bad in here, just a little quiet. I also joined vodpod, revver, liveleak, and dailymotion to name a few today…Oh, I forgot to mention that the boycott includes google, youtube’s parent company and corporate CFR member. In an additional show of support I suspended my google adwords pay-per-click ad campaigns for my biz. Time to drum up business the old fashion way.

If you are a believer in personal liberty, a supporter and defender of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, then join us. Spread the word and participate in the boycott. Change your home page, search engine, etc… Take a stand, join the rEVOLution!

In pursuit of liberty, for my children and yours,


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