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“Liberty Rider” Michael Maresco Coming to a Town Near You! What Can you Do?

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Most of us are now aware that our good friend, and fellow patriot, Michael Maresco is preparing for another historic trek, of the two-wheeled variety, across this great nation of ours. On his “Ride for Honesty”, as he pedals his way across the country, he will be delivering the message of liberty in no less than 94 counties. As he crosses through each of the 94 counties, Michael will be reaching out to the Sheriff and other elected officials, gifting them with invaluable information, books, DVDs, an IPOD for the Queen, etc…And reminding everyone that the Sheriff is the highest elected Constitutional authority in the county, and the state respectively. Remember, “We the People” are the ultimate Constitutional authority.

The Liberty Rider will be highlighting America’s dangerous slide into the realm of bigger, more controlling government, and a steady departure from the rugged individualism and personal accountability that made this nation great. This symbolic ride starting at the Statue of Liberty, and ending at Alcatraz, off the coast of San Francisco, echoes our voices as we warn our fellow citizens of the ominous reality of our drift from “Freedom to Fascism”.

Michael is getting his pedaling legs ready. As he makes his final preparations, he needs our help. He equates the “organic” spread , and organization of support along the way, as being akin to “herding cats”. The question posed in the title of this blog is “What can you do?” We have been reaching out to the local Sheriffs, tuning our bikes and bodies so we can ride a few miles with him, making signs and banners, planning a Memorial Day cookout with Michael as our guest of honor. And we have been donating what we can. Yes, monetary donations will make this possible. (We wouldn’t want him to get stuck in Missouri. They love him so much there, they might not let him go!), but there is sooooo much more that we can do to make his journey a memorable and worthy endeavor. Every contribution of time and energy helps. Here are some ideas that you can consider:

  • First, review the map and be ready when he passes through your neck of the woods.
  • Cheer him on as he passes by, Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty signs and banners along the route will inspire him.
  • Organize a group ride through your county or state.
  • Personally, join Michael, pedaling with him for a few minutes, or a few miles as he pedals through (eat your Wheaties it is 10 MPH pace).
  • Reach out to the Sheriff in your county as a supporter of this endeavor, and pave the way for a meeting, photo-op, interview, etc.
  • Send out press releases to the local and national media
  • If you are near one of the “overnight” locations, make his stay memorable. A good meal, a party, and good company always helps.
  • Blog it, film it, youtube it, sing about it, dance in the streets…

Remember his mantra “pedal, pedal” But remember most of all he is doing this for liberty, for us!!!!!

For liberty,


[Older: Dr. Paul on Funding of Wars, Foreign Policy “The treasury is bare…the people are broke.”]

Who is wealthy?

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I was listening to Glenn Beck’s radio broadcast yesterday and  was disturbed by the statistics that he presented. He reiterated these statistics with his compelling “magic board” during Friday evening’s television show. He was sharing results from a recent poll taken of the American public regarding their perception of wealth. The results were scary to say the least. The fact of the matter is a large number of Americans believe that if you earn over $200,000 per year, you are wealthy. There are those who think if you earn over $75,000 per year you are wealthy. And there were actually 9% of the respondents who think that you are wealthy if you make less than $75,000 per year! Lord save us.

The American public is asleep at the wheel, and heading for a brick wall! They have been conditioned by the controlled media and the ill intentioned politicians to accept lies for truth, fiction for fact! When did they stop thinking for themselves? Our sleeping fellow Americans accept the Keynesian economic principles as the preferred method of creating economic balance, and are generally clueless as to what comprises true wealth. They accept the numbers associated with gross income as a concrete representation or measure of wealth. Listen, I was abandoned, homeless, and on the path to being a mere sad statistic in my youth. I possess NO formal education, and have been to the school of hard knocks. Yet somehow, I made it. How? I developed a keen sense of survival, and managed to maintain common sense. I wonder, is that what is lacking in America today, common sense?

Like many Americans, I am a family man, and a small business owner. As an entrepreneur, I know what wealthy is not. It is not $70,000 to $250,000 in annual income. It is not annual income in the $250,000 – $1,000,000 range. Wealth is not based solely on income, but on income, assets, debt, and net worth relative to the current market conditions. Some simple examples that we can consider; You could have net income of $2,000,000 as an entrepreneur, pay 45% – 55% in combined taxes, and have a mountain of debt. That is not wealth. You could have dwindling income, and questionable valuation of assets based on uncertain market conditions, yet still on paper maintain the appearance of several million dollars in net worth. Unfortunately, the value associated with that net worth in the current market may be largely misconstrued, due to the inflationary practices of the Federal Reserve and their concurrent manipulation of the markets. That is not wealth. As a member of the upper 1% of income earners, I do not consider my family to be part of the “wealthy club”. To the contrary, we are blessed with a solid work ethic, determination and a belief in the Constitution and free market principles. Our wealth is not measured by twisted economic statistics, but by what is inside of us; our ability to unite, to overcome adversity, to adapt, to continually seek the truth, and act accordingly, to prepare, to have faith in God, and trust in the principles that guided our founding fathers. Conversely, the concentrated financial “wealth” lies in the hands of a super minority, a mere fraction of the upper echelon of the upper 1% of income earners. And unfortunately, what wealth the remaining “middle” American people have, is being methodically stripped from them through this current corrupt system of monetary control, government intervention, and market manipulation.

Even so, people are still pointing the finger at the entrepreneur, or business owner who is in the lower echelon of the upper 1% – 2% as the capitalist villain responsible for the demise of our economy, loss of jobs, loss of confidence in the “free Market”…. When in reality, it is the “control”, aka greed, exerted through central government planning, and the corrupt Federal Reserve System that is at the root of the economic collapse. The economy should be left to the free market forces. “should be”, but, it has not, almost since the inception of the criminal cabal known as the Federal Reserve System in 1913.  The media and the socialists who have co-opted our federal government have engendered a climate of entitlement and division. Their philosophy, in order to be acceptable to the masses, relies on creating discourse or conflict of all imaginable varieties and between all people; race, gender, sexual preference, union versus non-union, the haves against the have-nots, they know no bounds…We are witnessing assaults on the middle and upper middle class like never before in the history of this great nation. The objective is simple and clear. By design, through the aforementioned philosophy, which is echoed in the Communist agenda, they must eliminate the upper middle and middle classes. This is the classic struggle of the proletariat against the bourgeoisie. The goal is to reduce us to two socio-economic classes, the poor and the elite. In the end,  this can only be achieved through subversion, coercion, and slavery in the form of oppressive taxation by the Oligarchs pulling the strings both above, and in, our puppet government…But I digress.

Until next time…in liberty,


The Time For Talking is Growing Short…

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The time has come, it is now, or maybe, never. It is time for you, and me, for all of us, to wake up. The time for talk is growing short.

Those words keep echoing in my head, “The time for talking is growing short.” I said it yesterday, but what does it really mean? I read an article yesterday. I find that with so much information to ingest, digest, ruminate, regurgitate and disseminate, I have adapted a quasi “Evelyn Wood” style of reading. The article was related to legislation being pushed by the communists, yes communists, in congress that will usher in further erosion of our National and individual sovereignty. Barbara Boxer of the Socialist State of California (SSC) is pushing for the ratification of the United Nations “Convention on the Rights of the Child”, otherwise affectionately know as the CRC TreatyClick here to read about it.

The second issue that got under my skin was a video segment that I watched from the Lou Dobbs show. Again, regarding U.N. encroachment on our sovereignty. The sad truth is that most Americans think the U.N. is a good thing, and that their international laws, are good for mankind. Wake up. The U.N. is an organization founded by the same global elite that gave us the failed League of Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the immoral, corrupt and unconstitutional Federal Reserve. It is an institution founded for the sole purpose of destroying the sovereignty of all nations, especially the U.S.A.. And forcing us under the rule of an international body, a one world socialist state, or as its proponents refer to it, New World Order.

The question is do you want this for your children? Do you want to leave them an Orwellian world controlled by Oligarchs and dictators? Not me. I will leave them in a world that’s free. But the time for talking is growing short…Join the rEVOLution.

Are we free yet? Reasserting our sovereignty under the 10th Amendment…

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We are not alone…As the world economy collapses, discontent rises. People around the world are rapidly becoming aware the truth behind the worldwide  decline. The nation states are swindling their citizens at an alarming rate. Bubbles have burst , and more are on the horizon, the decline in real estate values, record job loses, the evaporation of the wealth of the average working men and women, the steadily increasing power of the “state”, the erosion of civil liberties, and the progressive disarmament of societies around the globe.

Who is to blame? …We are. We the people have allowed the governments of the world , directly under the control of the international banking elite,  to hijack our monetary systems. The move is on now to pull off the ultimate coup, a final consolidation of the world economic powers. Much to the chagrin of all of the people of the world, yearning to be free. Civil unrest is spreading like wildfire, as people in scores of nations take to the streets protesting their government’s collusion with the international banksters.

For the United states of America, the boom and bust cycles that we have experienced over the last 95 years are a direct result of the economic policies of the privately owned Federal Reserve System. With their Fabian Socialist tendencies, Keynesian monetary policy, oppressive taxation, interventionist foreign policy, and over regulation and manipulation of the markets, they have systematically deprived and separated the American people from their wealth. As the final stages of the life of our fiat monetary system quick approaches, the CFR controlled legislature in Washington has pulled off a coup of their own, pushing through, in an unprecedented manner, the largest spending bill and socialist power grab in the history of this great nation. Confidence dwindles as we bear witness to our unraveling, the decline of our standard of living, and significant challenges to our personal liberties.

Ron Paul is noted for saying, “Freedom is popular”. It is in the spirit of this simple statement that another movement is sweeping the nation. As it does, the eyes of the world are upon us, America, the land of the free. What is happening? The people, disgusted with the lack of representation in Washington, and feeling left without a voice, have turned to their individual states, once sovereign, to set things right. The numbers are growing weekly. The estimate that I heard this week was that 25 states now have  introduced to the state legislature, or are considering, “sovereignty legislation”. These resolutions or bills are generally very short, 1 to 3 pages in length. The message is clear.

We the people, are reasserting our sovereignty under the rights protected by the 10th amendment to the Constitution, breaking the stranglehold of the oppressive federal government. The brave, patriotic members of the state legislatures are experiencing a ground swell of support from the disenfranchised from both sides of the political aisle, and all point in between. One such patriot is Republican Sam Rohrer of the 128th state congressional district in Pennsylvania. Like his counterparts in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Washington, Missouri., etc…he is leading the charge in his state with this simple, yet concise resolution.

Contact your state representative and state senator. Ask them where they stand on “State sovereignty legislation”? Are they aware  of the legislation in your state? Are they willing to take a stand, and uphold and defend the Constitution? Will they sponsor or co-sponsor the legislation?

Remember, the message is clear “Freedom is Popular”. If you want it, you must do your part.

What is So Fair About the Fairness Doctrine? Nothing…

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There has been a lot of talk on both sides of the proverbial aisle about the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine, or some similar legislation. Did I say “legislation”? Yes. Wait a minute, I thought government could not “legislate” away our rights…

Let us not forget what our president, who is not a Marxist said during an April debate in 2008, “I believe that the Constitution confers an individual right to bear arms. But just because you have an individual right does not mean that the state or local government can’t constrain the exercise of that right…”

The reality?…It doesn’t matter to which of the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights that you apply that line of thinking. The government does not have the authority to “constrain” our rights. Remember, that freedom of speech is one of many inalienable rights, not granted, but PROTECTED by the first amendment to the Constitution in the Bill of Rights. If you have not done so lately, it is time to read it!

The proponents of this measure are largely Democrats. However, I really do not like to classify them as such. The force behind this is really the Progressive Socialist movement and the Marxists living within, and slithering around the bowels of Washington.

At the forefront is Senator Debbie Stabenow, D-Michigan. In an interview last week with liberal radio host Bill Press, she said, “I absolutely think it’s time to be bringing accountability to the airwaves,” She also expects hearings soon on reviving the policy, which was introduced in 1949 and abolished in 1987. Mind you her husband, Tom Athens, is an executive in which field? Liberal radio, of course.

Another proponent of this measure is CFR member, Bilderberg, globalist, and former president, William Jefferson Clinton. Hear what Bill had to say about this issue by clicking here.

Now what is really at play here? The Socialists are attempting to silence the rapidly growing dissent from the American public and the few voices that they have. Conservatives, Republicans, truthers, Conspiracy theorists, Patriots, and all members of the Freedom movement are under attack. Remember that much of the Main Stream Media is owned and controlled by the international banking, and corporate elite. API, Reuters, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and yes even FOX have corporate ownership with a serious stake in the political landscape.

Let’s take it a step further with a few not so famous quotes, from a few very famous men:

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” – William Colby – Former CIA Director

“These international bankers and Rockefeller Standard Oil interests control the majority of newspapers and the columns of these papers to club into submission or drive out of public office officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government.” – Theodore Roosevelt

“The ruling class has the schools and press under its thumb. This enables it to sway the emotions of the masses.” – Albert Einstein

Finally, while campaigning B .H. Obama vowed to leave the issue alone, however in a recent statement to the press, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said, “I pledge to you to study up on the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ so that, one day, I might give you a more fulsome answer”.

So now you must ask yourself, if the corporations control the majority of the MSM outlets, why do they want to silence the voices from the other side, the voices of the American public who support the advertisers of these programs, and actually make the shows and their ratings soar in large part through their own participation? Have you ever called in to Hannity, Rush, or Glenn Beck? How about your local conservative talk radio program? If not, it is high time you do  before your voice too is silenced.

To read more GREAT QUOTES from history go to or simply click on GREAT QUOTES!

Taxation without Representation – Allyson Schwartz

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Angry? Yes. I feel like it is 1773. The rule of law is no more in this country. The Declaration of Independence has not yet been written, the tea has not yet been dumped in the Boston Harbor. Tensions are brewing and there is revolution on the horizon…

I just got off of the phone with “James”,  a staffer at congresswoman Allyson Schwartz’s office in Washington. Schwartz is the representative for the 13th district in South Eastern Pennsylvania. We all know that the consensus in this country is that the American people do NOT want this “Stimulus” aka largest socialist power grab, and spending bill in the history of this country.

While expressing my discontent in the aforementioned terms, “James” became very short with me. I inquired as to the nature of the voluminous number of calls, faxes, and emails that the congresswoman has received. As a constituent I wanted to know what the consensus was for the 13th district. “James” said he “…did not know.” Of course, I asked him, “who in the Congresswoman’s office would know” He told me that “..if I wanted that information I should take a poll in the district.” What?!!! As a constituent I believe that I have a right to know what is being related, in general terms, to my representative, and how it is going to influence her vote.

“James” informed me that the Congresswoman was voting in favor of the “Stimulus” it would stimulate the economy and create jobs…

Our representatives are charged with the responsibility voting in accordance with the wishes of their constituents. Not to vote based upon their personal beliefs, the wishes of the Socialist Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi (who is rushing this bill through so she can catch a flight to Europe for an eight day junket to meet with her European Socialist counterparts!), the wishes of the Marxist agenda of our Pennsylvania senators, or our Marxist president.

“James” chided me, “I don’t have time to argue with you”. I insisted, “I am not arguing”. I do believe that the constituents have the right to know what our representatives are being instructed to do by the constituency…”Who can I speak to in your office who can provide me with that information?”

“James” again instructed me “…If you want that information you can hire a polling company” What?!!! “Why should I hire a polling firm if you have that information? She (Schwartz) works for us!” I attempted politely to further this conversation and honestly find out what it would take to acquire that information.

“James” then quickly “Thanked” me for calling and hung up on me. Yes, I am angry. This is taxation without representation! Enough is  enough.schwartz-1

Senator Arlen Specter Chose to ” …exercise independent judgement.”

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Arlen Specter, you are fired! Oh, how I wish it were that easy.  Comrade Specter was on Sean Hannity’s radio program today. Mind you I only caught the last 15 seconds of the segment, but I heard all I had to hear. Of course Specter is one of three (progressive socialist) Republicans, that are committed to voting for the “Stimulus” plan. Anyone who has spent 3 minutes reviewing this bill understands that it is the single bigest power grab and spending bill ever foisted on the American public. Enough is enough folks.  While on Sean Hannity’s program Specter professed, confessed, bragged that he had to “exercise independent judgment.” WHOA!! Did he lose his rule book? He is supposed to vote according to the wishes of his constituents. Time to send him packing my fellow Pennsylvanians. He followed the Hannity show with a call into the local Philadelphia radio program. He offered more of the same socialist rhetoric, with multiple references to his Washington Post diatribe “Why I Support the Stimulus” We must act now blah, blah, blah… Excuse me Chicken Little, we know the economy is collapsing. You can not prop it up with inflation, socialized health care, and  spending $800 billion + worthless Federal Reserve notes (private banking criminal cartel). Lord save us!

On the “October Surprise” (theft) bailout he voted “YES” even though Pennsylvanians told him 9 to 1 to vote “NO”. This latest “Stimulus” is no different. His fax machine, email and phone lines were melting last week, this weekend, and today. It was again a resounding “NO” … Once again, he will defy us. We are officially unrepresented. This IS taxation without representation. Where do we go from here?  If we can’t un-elect him for two years, maybe we can just get Chuck Barris to bang the gong. Gong show here we come!


Letter to My Senators Regarding the Socialist Spending package aka: “The Stimulus Plan”

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I drafted this letter and faxed it to my senators, and then with the help of my daughter, to EVERY Senator…

Dear Senator,

While my criticisms may seem harsh, they are not unfounded. With all due respect, the legislature sold us, the American people, down the river with the “October Surprise” bailout. You have furthered the agenda of the socialists through nationalization of the financial and automotive industries. We told you 9 to 1 to vote no. But enough of you voted yes. We, the informed people of this country, knew the money and accountability would disappear. Where is the money? You are stealing the future assets of our children, and of generations yet unborn.

Once again, we urge you to reject this current “stimulus” (wasteful socialist spending) plan, as it will do nothing to stop the economic collapse or create jobs. Creating more “debt” money will only further devalue the dollar. There is NO compromise when it comes to freedom, whether economic, individual, or that of a nation. Reject these socialist schemes, fascist interventionism, and stop attempting to artificially prop up the markets and illiquid assets with borrowed, fiat money. Your job is to protect the rights of individuals, “regulate” commerce (by protecting the rights of individuals, not controlling it), and protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic, nothing more. You are part of the servant government, and do not have the authority to control, confiscate from, or invest in private entities. Let us in the private sector keep the fruits of our labor, so we may retain and create jobs. Governments DO NOT create wealth; they only have the power to destroy it. Stop trying to intervene and let free markets prevail. VOTE NO!!!

Many of you seem to have forgotten that you work for us, the citizens of the once sovereign states. You are charged with the obligation to vote according to our wishes, not the wishes of the president, or the progressives (socialists), the lobbyists, or the international bankers. Washington is destroying the dollar, as you work in concert with the PRIVATE BANKING CARTEL known as the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, stealing the wealth of the American people through confiscation, inflation, and manipulation of the markets. Enough socialism, do your homework before you cast another vote on behalf of myself, or the good people of this great nation.

Both Pennsylvania senators have previously conveyed to me their support of S2433 which is a communist redistribution of our wealth through the UN, and furthers the socialists’ commitment to the Millennium Declaration, Kyoto (anthropogenic global warming hoax), and our ultimate disarmament…If you have not already done so, denounce your allegiance to the United Nations and reassert your allegiance to the sovereign state from which you hail, and the United States of America. We are not a democracy; we are a constitutional republic, where the rule of law, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights should prevail.

Finally, you have repeatedly ignored petitions for redress of grievances as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. Millions of Americans are aware of this blatant refusal to follow the law. Millions more will know as we educate them at an unprecedented rate. It is time for you to redress our grievances, support and defend the Constitution as you are sworn to do, or recuse yourself from office.


Rob P.

I am not a “progressive”…

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We, as a nation, are traveling down a precarious road. Many of us, against our will. We have been kidnapped and taken hostage. Many, are willing participants, along for the ride as though on a tour bus that merely took a wrong turn. They believe that although we took a wrong turn, we are heading in the right direction now.  We’ll be back on track in just a little bit, a couple of turns up ahead…What they fail to realize, acknowledge, or simply face, is that the bus has been hijacked. And the hijackers, although many got off at the last stop, are still at the wheel. That brings us to another interesting contingent of passengers. They, like the first group of passengers, know that the bus has been hijacked. However, they are reluctant or unwilling to face the fact that the criminals that they accuse of hijacking the bus and taking us on a wild, unwieldy, and unconstitutional ride, are still in control. In their mind’s eye, the guy driving the bus, and the nice staff are on our side. A regular Ralph Kramden, if you will. Together, we will try those hijackers, and  justice will be served. Why they can’t see who the driver really is, is beyond me. It defies all logic, all sense of true historical counts.

I think to myself, maybe they are just blind? Or if they can see, maybe they can’t read? Maybe they have their own demons, addictions, and vices that keep them so distracted and unaware, that they will take anything they hear and see on the “Plug in Drug” as fact? I don’t know. What I do know is that the course was charted so very long ago, and now we must do whatever is necessary to find our way “home”…

Glenn Beck & Company on What it means to be a Progressive:

A New Day, A New Chance for Freedom

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January 20th, 2009, a fresh start. I woke to a beautiful, sunny, but brisk winter morning. Went for a run with my dog, made coffee for the family, showered, started my work day about 8:30, barely a man made cloud in the sky… By 10:00 am  it was “cloudy”, but there was hope. By 12:05 pm a new president had taken the oath of office, by 4:30 pm the stock market was down -332.13 (-4.01%) The worst inauguration day on record. No fault of his, the system was broken long before he stepped onto the stage. The housing bubble burst, retail sales have plummeted, jobs are evaporating at a record rate…

The question is , under the circumstances, can he truly uphold the oath? Only time will tell. I would like to say yes, but I just don’t think so. Nothing against the new prez, but the cards are stacked against him. You see, he is surrounded by people who don’t support the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights.  In 1991, then president Bush, pledged our allegience to the U.N. The current cast of characters is no different. As a matter of fact, el presidente Obama had also previously pledged his allegiance to the U.N.  His S2433 proposes (at a time when the country is bankrupt) $800 billion + to reduce world poverty by diverting your tax dollars to the U.N.! It commits 0.7 percent of our GNP, plus gives the U.N. the authority to raise the tax, jurisdiction over our foreign aid, and commits us to the U.N. Millennium Declaration (banning small and light arms), and Kyoto! Good luck on the oath, it was abdicated years ago. Incidentally, this bill has 30 co-sponsors, including the support of now V.P. Biden, and both of my senators…Don’t blame me, I wrote in Ron Paul.


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