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Campaign For Liberty ~ Leading the Charge to Audit The Fed ~ What can YOU do?

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As the American people awaken, and the grassroots groundswell grows, many fed up Americans are finding themselves and their political ideology. Long time activists, and newbies alike, are sharpening their debating skills, and the once taboo,  “talking about politics in social settings”, is now the norm as everyone has a proverbial axe to grind. Finally! My “axe” is well honed, as I have had my nose to the grindstone, silently, for many years. I no longer have to bite my tongue.  Out of hiding, I am educating and waking as many people as I can. Many who once classified themselves as apolitical, or were arbitrarily apathetic about politics are now engaged, and in a big way. People are calling, writing, faxing, and emailing their congressmen/women, and their senators like never before in the history of this country. I am hopeful, and have personally dedicated my life to the cause of liberty.

As the fervor increases, two things remain certain for me. First, I do not debate politics, as it always breaks down to an exchange of rhetoric, falsehoods, twisted perceptions, and misconceptions (not mine of course). I prefer to stick to the TRUTH. For that, there is no dispute or debate. Second, I remind people that I am a single-issue, single-cause voter. My cause? Liberty, of course. Vote for liberty and you are the champion of all causes, all needs, and all humankind (so long as the aforementioned hypothetical “all causes” and “all needs” do not infringe on the rights of others as a means to their end.)

So what does this awakening and my trumpeting about being a single issue voter have to do with the Campaign for Liberty leading the charge to Audit the Federal Reserve? The answer, although very simple, can be very exhausting and time consuming to lay out in front of you in its entirety. I will keep it short and pray that if you, the reader, are in need of the facts or feel the need to debate you will first go down the path that myself and many others have gone. Do your homework, educate yourself and acquire an in-depth understanding and acute knowledge of the creation of “The Fed” and the power, control, influence and corruption it has, and continues to exert over our economy, our banking industry, our currency, and our government, both directly and indirectly through its multitude of affiliated and sympathetic, globalist NGOs (non-governmental organizations). Whew…

What is occurring is that the politically awake and the informed are attacking the root cause of the economic collapse, The Creature from Jekyll Island, responsible for devaluing the dollar, and stealing our wealth and the fruits of our labor through inflation since 1913. This is really a call to action for the awake. A mission to educate people about the Federal Reserve and have them, help us, pressure our representative legislature to take decisive action and demand a full GAO audit of the Federal Reserve. The vehicle, or the means to our end are two pieces of legislation HR1207 and S604, the house and Senate bills drafted to do just that.

So the simple answer, the mission, is to find allies in this endeavor. And by way of petition have them sign on to the cause. My basic spiel as it were, to anyone politically active or wiping the sleep out of their eyes is as follows:

“As I am all in for liberty, I support your cause as long as it does not infringe on my rights or the rights of others. Either way I at least support your right to pursue it. In turn, will you consider mine?….You see, one of the organizations that I work with on the grassroots level is the Campaign for Liberty, a group comprised of individuals from all over the country, and in no less than 100 countries worldwide. We are dedicated to educating our fellow citizens about the virtues of limited constitutional government, sound money, free markets, individual liberty, and a non-interventionist foreign policy. That is after all. the original vision and intent of the Founders. Pause……..

I continue, “If you look at the Campaign for Liberty mission statement which comprises the five key ideals that I just mentioned, all of those ideals have been steered off track. At the root, is the Federal Reserve System. It is (indisputably, undebatably) the driving force behind the out of control deficit spending by Congress. The recent bailouts are just a symptom of the much larger picture. The Federal Reserve in conjunction with our Treasury has more than doubled the money supply in the last year alone! There are TRILLIONS of dollars that remain unaccounted. When questioned under oath, Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, has stated he has no intention of revealing the whereabouts….(all a set up for the big question) Would you like to know where trillions of dollars that we are on the hook for, has gone?”

Any answer other than “Yes.” and I am searching for the nearest AED (automated emergency defibrillator). At that point I whip out my previously concealed clipboard and ask them to sign my petitions for both HR1207 and S604 the current legislation in the House and Senate respectively to Audit the Federal Reserve. While they are signing, someone else is stuffing literature into their free hand, a constitution in their back pocket, an Audit The FED sticker on their forehead, slapping them on the backside and sending them on their way with words of encouragement, ” Go out there and save the world! Buy gold, silver, seeds, and brass. NEXT!!”

The final question, what can YOU do about it? To support the cause, fight the fight? First, you can choose to follow my model above, or you can devlop your own style. The bottom line is that 75% of Americans believe that a complete GAO audit of the private Federal Reserve System is necessary for complete transparency. As of today 285 Congressmen/women in the House have cosponsored HR1207 and 24 senators have cosponsored the companion bill in the Senate S604. That being said, here is your to do list:

  • Print 100, 200, 300…petitions.
  • Like the Avon Lady, start with family and friends.
  • Go knock on the doors in your neighborhood.
  • Are you taking a bus to DC or some other prominent location for September 12th? Get everyone’s signature on the bus!
  • Get everyone’s signature in DC (except John Tate)
  • Are you staying close to home? Find an event, a gun show, a bowling alley, a ball game and take fliers and petitions.
  • Participate in the mass action day rallies at every senator’s office coast-to-coast

Whichever path you take, enjoy the journey, but, join the rEVOLution!

For liberty,



Senator Arlen Specter Chose to ” …exercise independent judgement.”

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Arlen Specter, you are fired! Oh, how I wish it were that easy.  Comrade Specter was on Sean Hannity’s radio program today. Mind you I only caught the last 15 seconds of the segment, but I heard all I had to hear. Of course Specter is one of three (progressive socialist) Republicans, that are committed to voting for the “Stimulus” plan. Anyone who has spent 3 minutes reviewing this bill understands that it is the single bigest power grab and spending bill ever foisted on the American public. Enough is enough folks.  While on Sean Hannity’s program Specter professed, confessed, bragged that he had to “exercise independent judgment.” WHOA!! Did he lose his rule book? He is supposed to vote according to the wishes of his constituents. Time to send him packing my fellow Pennsylvanians. He followed the Hannity show with a call into the local Philadelphia radio program. He offered more of the same socialist rhetoric, with multiple references to his Washington Post diatribe “Why I Support the Stimulus” We must act now blah, blah, blah… Excuse me Chicken Little, we know the economy is collapsing. You can not prop it up with inflation, socialized health care, and  spending $800 billion + worthless Federal Reserve notes (private banking criminal cartel). Lord save us!

On the “October Surprise” (theft) bailout he voted “YES” even though Pennsylvanians told him 9 to 1 to vote “NO”. This latest “Stimulus” is no different. His fax machine, email and phone lines were melting last week, this weekend, and today. It was again a resounding “NO” … Once again, he will defy us. We are officially unrepresented. This IS taxation without representation. Where do we go from here?  If we can’t un-elect him for two years, maybe we can just get Chuck Barris to bang the gong. Gong show here we come!


Letter to My Senators Regarding the Socialist Spending package aka: “The Stimulus Plan”

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I drafted this letter and faxed it to my senators, and then with the help of my daughter, to EVERY Senator…

Dear Senator,

While my criticisms may seem harsh, they are not unfounded. With all due respect, the legislature sold us, the American people, down the river with the “October Surprise” bailout. You have furthered the agenda of the socialists through nationalization of the financial and automotive industries. We told you 9 to 1 to vote no. But enough of you voted yes. We, the informed people of this country, knew the money and accountability would disappear. Where is the money? You are stealing the future assets of our children, and of generations yet unborn.

Once again, we urge you to reject this current “stimulus” (wasteful socialist spending) plan, as it will do nothing to stop the economic collapse or create jobs. Creating more “debt” money will only further devalue the dollar. There is NO compromise when it comes to freedom, whether economic, individual, or that of a nation. Reject these socialist schemes, fascist interventionism, and stop attempting to artificially prop up the markets and illiquid assets with borrowed, fiat money. Your job is to protect the rights of individuals, “regulate” commerce (by protecting the rights of individuals, not controlling it), and protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic, nothing more. You are part of the servant government, and do not have the authority to control, confiscate from, or invest in private entities. Let us in the private sector keep the fruits of our labor, so we may retain and create jobs. Governments DO NOT create wealth; they only have the power to destroy it. Stop trying to intervene and let free markets prevail. VOTE NO!!!

Many of you seem to have forgotten that you work for us, the citizens of the once sovereign states. You are charged with the obligation to vote according to our wishes, not the wishes of the president, or the progressives (socialists), the lobbyists, or the international bankers. Washington is destroying the dollar, as you work in concert with the PRIVATE BANKING CARTEL known as the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, stealing the wealth of the American people through confiscation, inflation, and manipulation of the markets. Enough socialism, do your homework before you cast another vote on behalf of myself, or the good people of this great nation.

Both Pennsylvania senators have previously conveyed to me their support of S2433 which is a communist redistribution of our wealth through the UN, and furthers the socialists’ commitment to the Millennium Declaration, Kyoto (anthropogenic global warming hoax), and our ultimate disarmament…If you have not already done so, denounce your allegiance to the United Nations and reassert your allegiance to the sovereign state from which you hail, and the United States of America. We are not a democracy; we are a constitutional republic, where the rule of law, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights should prevail.

Finally, you have repeatedly ignored petitions for redress of grievances as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. Millions of Americans are aware of this blatant refusal to follow the law. Millions more will know as we educate them at an unprecedented rate. It is time for you to redress our grievances, support and defend the Constitution as you are sworn to do, or recuse yourself from office.


Rob P.

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