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Another Day, Another Town Hall Meeting…this time with Charlie Dent

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It has been a busy week, month, summer…It seems like the days are just flying by. Here it is Thursday, September 3rd. Labor Day is fast approaching and so is the end of Congress’ summer recess. August’s news was filled with stories of town hall meetings and protests from across the country. September is already providing more of the same. The town hall meetings with our elected representatives have for the most part been emotionally charged. The hot topic appears to be health care “reform” aka: HR3200. Is this really the button that has America so engaged or is it merely just the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back?

For those that are still caught in the false left-right paradigm parroted by the pundits and talking heads in the main stream media and the polished party loyalists, the divides are growing, the battle lines are being drawn, the accusations are flying. Grass roots, AstroTurf, SEIU, Obamacare, Socialism, Marxism, death panels, rationing…Truth be told, it is no longer about Left or Right, it is about right or wrong. No matter how you slice it, peel away the rhetoric, and for many of us there is a much greater issue to confront…that is, the future of our republic. In case you haven’t noticed, the gloves are off, and the second American rEVOlution has begun.

So here we are, another day, another town hall meeting. This past Monday’s was unique. I was one of approximately 30 local business owners, business managers, and members of the Upper Perkiomen Chamber of Commerce, invited to attend a town hall meeting with Republican Congressman Charlie Dent. In these historic times, sometimes it seems as though we are nothing but observers, or unheard bystanders  in our own political lives. Not this time.  The event was sponsored by the chamber, and hosted at Brown Printing in East Greenville, part of the Pennsylvania’s 15th district represented by the congressman. In attendance was an excellent cross section of people from our community, a chief of Surgery from a local hospital, school administrators, the president of a local commercial roofing and industrial real estate development company, a real estate broker, representatives from Brown Printing, Blommer Chocolate, executives from a family owned industrial and safety supply company, many others, and myself a family man, and business owner. In that group, I know that we had Republicans, Democrats, and a couple of small “l” libertarians.

Relative to the health care debate, my personal experience and perspective is that our business provides the premier health insurance products in the marketplace to our employees. We offer 100% coverage to most of our employees and their dependents. We know first hand the affects of rising costs, and the burden on small business.   We have worked hard to reduce our health insurance costs from a projected $280K this year to approximately $200K. I personally believe that government intervention, overreach, and over regulation is the culprit and the leading cause of the spiraling costs of health care. (Not to mention the inflationary, regulatory, and immoral policies of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve. I’ll save that for another rant.)

I was among the last to arrive, and as I was making my way down the hall to the conference room where the event was held, I encountered Congressman Dent. I took the opportunity to introduce myself and to thank him for his recent support of HR1207, Congressman Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve. I also, expressed my concern that I believed our views differed considerably on the subject of health care. My interpretation of Charlie’s Medical Rights and Reform Act is that while it is well intentioned, it provides for the creation of a new government agency, new government programs, calls for “incentives”, and the acceleration of  Health Information Technology. Sorry Charlie, I do not want my medical information computerized for ANY government agency or bureaucrat to access. In Charlie’s defense, he also sponsored HR2516 in May. This bill puts forth some measures protecting the doctor patient relationship, and the ability of individuals and employers to make their own health care decisions without fear of government coercion, or the use of federal funds at the hands of federal employees interfering.

It was a relatively uneventful town hall meeting. Being invite only, this was a controlled environment, and we were a subdued group. No shouting, no sign waving, no union thugs. A relaxed atmosphere, and just good, candid discussion. Seated at the head of the conference tables shaped in a large “U”, Congressman Dent addressed the group. He showed us  copy of HR3200 and explained his understanding of what he believes is wrong with he bill. The size and scope is enough to give you pause. Everyone who had concerns was given the opportunity to air them and receive feedback from the congressman. We discussed several key issues that dramatically increase our health insurance premium costs: lack of competition across state lines, the need for TORT reform, the rampant fraud in the current socialized medical programs, and state mandates that drive up insurance premiums. Sadly, none of these issues are confronted by the current legislation, and it is highly unlikely any bill that gets passed will address these major factors contributing to the high cost of health care.

Given several opportunities to speak, I shared my concern that there is a misnomer that health care is a right. Reminding everyone that our rights are inherent, and as our founders declared, we are endowed by our creator. As our rights are unalienable, they can not be taken away, nor granted by government. To the contrary, if health care can be given or taken away by government, then it is not a right, but a privilege. Of course, I reminded him of his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. And that it is his primary duty. Everything that congress does should be measured by their oath, and the constitutionality of the action. I also questioned the constitutionality of the current socialist government programs Medicaid and Medicare, “Are they constitutional?” To which Charlie answered, “We have them.” I raised the fact that nowhere in the 18 enumerated powers granted to Congress by the people in the Constitution’s Article I, section 8, are there provisions for “health care”. And added to that, the congress has a duty under the often misused and abused “Commerce clause” to actually step in and enforce the Constitution allowing competition across state lines, dramatically increasing competition, promoting the free market, and lowering costs to the consumer.

By and large, the attendees addressed aspects of this issue that are important, but a little more benign than my argument for upholding the Constitution. Charlie agreed with the group and echoed their concerns across the board, and said he had no intention of voting for HR3200 or any similar piece of legislation. His preferred approach would be to introduce and pass separate, smaller bills addressing the key opportunities for cost reduction in the marketplace. I hope we can do that. However, I believe that we will see a metamorphosis of the current proposal, and through the system of incrementalism, the Fabian Socialists will continue to gnaw at the remnants of our republic. We will continue to experience government intrusions, and incursions on our individual liberty, and the forceful confiscation the most precious of all of our property, the fruits of our labor. Or will we? The question that I have is: do the citizens of the once sovereign commonwealth of Pennsylvania have what it takes to stand up and truly hold their representatives accountable? Can we reclaim our servant government, and restore it to its original intent and design, of the people, by the people, and for the people,  from the ground up?

Oh, I almost forgot. Before leaving the venue. I had a follow up conversation with Charlie Dent and gave him Campaign for Liberty flier on the health care issue highlighting several important pieces of legislation HR1495, HR2630, and HR2629. I managed to hand out about a dozen or so to the other attendees. And I had a good conversation with Bob Mensch my representative in the statehouse. Bob is a cosponsor of the 10th amendment resolution introduced by Sam Rohrer, and also against real I.D. He is taking a run at the state Senate seat recently vacated by Rob Wonderling….More on that later.


Liberty Rider Michael Maresco and C4L Picnic Slideshow on Freedom Watch!

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Campaign for Liberty’s infamous “Ron Paul Rider” turned “Liberty Rider”, Michael Maresco on Fox’s Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano. The segment features a slide show of photos taken at the Southeastern Pennsylvania C4L’s Memorial Day Cookout and video that I took while riding with Michael on Memorial Day. Special thanks to our favorite photographer and friend of Michael’s, Joe Graziano for taking such stellar photos!

Taking it to the Streets with the Liberty Rider!!

Please support Michael in his quest to spread the message of liberty!!

Your friend in liberty and restoration of the Constitution,


I am not a “progressive”…

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We, as a nation, are traveling down a precarious road. Many of us, against our will. We have been kidnapped and taken hostage. Many, are willing participants, along for the ride as though on a tour bus that merely took a wrong turn. They believe that although we took a wrong turn, we are heading in the right direction now.  We’ll be back on track in just a little bit, a couple of turns up ahead…What they fail to realize, acknowledge, or simply face, is that the bus has been hijacked. And the hijackers, although many got off at the last stop, are still at the wheel. That brings us to another interesting contingent of passengers. They, like the first group of passengers, know that the bus has been hijacked. However, they are reluctant or unwilling to face the fact that the criminals that they accuse of hijacking the bus and taking us on a wild, unwieldy, and unconstitutional ride, are still in control. In their mind’s eye, the guy driving the bus, and the nice staff are on our side. A regular Ralph Kramden, if you will. Together, we will try those hijackers, and  justice will be served. Why they can’t see who the driver really is, is beyond me. It defies all logic, all sense of true historical counts.

I think to myself, maybe they are just blind? Or if they can see, maybe they can’t read? Maybe they have their own demons, addictions, and vices that keep them so distracted and unaware, that they will take anything they hear and see on the “Plug in Drug” as fact? I don’t know. What I do know is that the course was charted so very long ago, and now we must do whatever is necessary to find our way “home”…

Glenn Beck & Company on What it means to be a Progressive:

A New Day, A New Chance for Freedom

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January 20th, 2009, a fresh start. I woke to a beautiful, sunny, but brisk winter morning. Went for a run with my dog, made coffee for the family, showered, started my work day about 8:30, barely a man made cloud in the sky… By 10:00 am  it was “cloudy”, but there was hope. By 12:05 pm a new president had taken the oath of office, by 4:30 pm the stock market was down -332.13 (-4.01%) The worst inauguration day on record. No fault of his, the system was broken long before he stepped onto the stage. The housing bubble burst, retail sales have plummeted, jobs are evaporating at a record rate…

The question is , under the circumstances, can he truly uphold the oath? Only time will tell. I would like to say yes, but I just don’t think so. Nothing against the new prez, but the cards are stacked against him. You see, he is surrounded by people who don’t support the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights.  In 1991, then president Bush, pledged our allegience to the U.N. The current cast of characters is no different. As a matter of fact, el presidente Obama had also previously pledged his allegiance to the U.N.  His S2433 proposes (at a time when the country is bankrupt) $800 billion + to reduce world poverty by diverting your tax dollars to the U.N.! It commits 0.7 percent of our GNP, plus gives the U.N. the authority to raise the tax, jurisdiction over our foreign aid, and commits us to the U.N. Millennium Declaration (banning small and light arms), and Kyoto! Good luck on the oath, it was abdicated years ago. Incidentally, this bill has 30 co-sponsors, including the support of now V.P. Biden, and both of my senators…Don’t blame me, I wrote in Ron Paul.


Change We Can Believe in?

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Remember all those campaign promises, the “change” you were promised? No more Washington insiders, lower taxes, changejobs…? Are you still paying attention? Have you taken note of all the cabinet appointees? Do you even care? The promises made, are now the promises to be broken. Prez-elect is warning that we will all have to sacrifice, have “some skin in the game”. News flash, we already have skin in the game. We are at the mercy of a parasitic bureaucracy, that taxes us unmercifully. Who benefits? The recipients of the entitlements, who are bound to the slavers that feed them? Or those of us whose wealth has been appropriated and redistributed? How about those that pay no taxes, what will be their sacrifice? The fact of the matter is that Trillions taken in income taxes do nothing more than attempt to service the interest on the debt incurred, by our misguided government. By allowing the criminal, privately held Federal Reserve to create our “debt” money out of thin air we have incurred trillions in debt to foreign countries, Communist China, Saudi Arabia, Japan, etc… Is that okay with you? Wake the hell up! We deserve sound money, backed only by silver and gold as stipulated by the Constitution. At this stage of the insanity, we might even settle for another fiat currency issued by the treasury (without the aid of the private bankers)…Not really, that’s just the ramblings of a desperate patriot. So much, is so wrong. Let’s hope that this recycled new administration will limit the number of appointees and department heads with dual citizenship or ties to globalist organizations. Maybe that way our interests will be better served. You know, avoiding a conflict of interest where someone may have allegience to another country or the agenda of some NGO bound and determined to acheive global governance. Do I detect an air of sarcasm coming through? No, not this close to the inauguration. Blind faith, unquestioned confidence, and obama23forgiveness, that is what we will use to guide ourselves as the spectacle approaches. We can forgive Timothy Geithner for his tax evasion, after all, what does strict attention to detail have to do with heading up the Treasury and the IRS? That is for the little people. After all, you should see their credentials…Put on your sweater Mr. Rogers, and brace yourself folks, the winds of change are blowing…

A Tribute to Our Forefathers, and All Patriots, Past , Present, and Future

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Today, Christmas Eve 2008, we decided pay tribute to our forefathers, and the patriots who endured the harsh winter in Valley Forge Pennsylvania, 1777. Inspired by an email that she received from fellow patriot Collins Bailey, my wife planned our excursion to Valley Forge. We went to honor those that sacrificed their lives and fortunes to secure liberty for their families and future generations. And although we have been there many times before, today’s visit moved us like no other. Please watch the video that I made, and understand that I posses no video making skills, just the desire to spread the message of hope, and liberty around the world like wildfire.

Remember, it does not see skin color, it does not differentiate between religions, or nationalities, it has no prejudice, and no need to kill, it belongs to all people, even those who seek to take it from us. Freedom, is ours to have, and to hold. To do so, we must have faith, and we too must be willing to risk all, to keep it secure for future generations.

May God bless you.

In liberty,


What are YOU going to do when everything collapses?

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If you are reading this, you have some basic understanding of what is really happening in the economy, the military industrial complex, and the corrupt international banking cartel, otherwise known as the Federal Reserve System. Hopefully, you are fairly well read (still have a pile of reading to do), have done your homework (youtube) and otherwise. You have turned off the main stream media, have listened to the message of the few respectable, honest voices in our legislature, like Ron Paul, and are listening to the words and heading the advice of notable people like Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Gerald Celente, etc…The dollar is doomed to fail and the inevitable collapse will come, regardless of what the socialists and communists that have co-opted our government attempt to do. The simple analogy is that, it is like trying to prop up the Guinness World Record house of cards, in a steadily increasing wind. Good luck! You can only manipulate the markets and stave off the inevitable for so long. We will continue to see record foreclosures, loan and credit card defaults, job losses, store closings, more homeless in tent cities, civil unrest, and eventually more government intervention, regulation, and fascist restrictions on all aspects of life, in the name of saving the worldwide economy, and for our security.

If you still need help, the November or number 10 issue of “Republic” magazine has a great check list of the first 100 items to disappear in a calamity. Go to and get with the program!

As always, I remain, for your children and mine, in pursuit of liberty,


p.s. – Special thanks to the editor of Republic magazine, fellow patriot Gary Franchi.

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